Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FAV: Satin Pillow/Foam Soft Rollers


It was wash day for me last weekend (Friday, October 25,2013). I was extremely lazy so I ended up washing my hair around 8 or 9 p.m. I detangled and split my hair into two sections. I washed and conditioned my hair using ORS Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner. I washed and conditioned each section separately. I am 3 months post. I finally added my leave in conditioner which is Cantu Shea Butter. I kept my hair into the two ponytails and tucked the ends. I left it in over night with my plastic cap on. The next morning I attempted to sit under the dryer, but it was too hot. lol. So I had no other choice but to blow dry it. Next I flat ironed my hair using silk elements heat protectant and my Chi flat iron.

I felt like styling it because I was fed up with the straight hair look. I pulled out my wonderful satin foam/pillow rollers and went to work. I parted my hair into 4 sections. I used 3 rollers going upward on each back section and 3 rollers going across on each front section. The technique that I use was wrapping the hair around the roller starting from the roots instead of rolling the hair with the roller starting from the ends. I know it sounds so confusing, but its easy. I tied them up into my satin scarf and  I left them in all Saturday and Sunday. Finally took the out on Monday morning. Sadly, it was foggy, humid, and sprinkles of rain. My creation was ruin. Luckily I have pictures to show it off. I have received many compliments about this style. It is very similar to wand curls. I have got many likes on Instagram and Facebook. I have received many questions from even my family and friends from back home about how I achieved this look. Thanks for all the love. My YouTubers will receive the first look on how to actually achieve the look. Video coming soon.

Enjoy the photos!

Thanks so much for viewing,
Love ya lots, NitraBoo

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    1. Thanks Girl & thanks for viewing. I appreciate it.

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